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I am a Canadian born writer, storyteller, painter, and costumed historical interpreter. The themes of my writing, research and art incorporate my lifelong interest in exceptional human experiences, nature, social history, mysteries, and cosmic magic.

Currently I am conducting a series of independent experiments based in part on the work of the late mathematician, Dr A.R.G Owen and psychotherapist Dr. Joel Whitton that will be the focus of my book on UFOs, social PSI, and Magic.

I have co-collaborated with renowned Spanish artist Dora Garcia on a major contemporary art exhibition on the theme of exceptional human experience, anomalies, and marginalization, at the Harbourfront Centre, in Toronto Canada.

A Pagan of Celtic origin, I am exploring my central European roots and magical traditions in Bologna Italy. 





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Blue Flower

A photograph can give the past the power to interact with the present; like a time bomb in the cupboard.


UFOs: Reframing The Debate

UFOs: Reframing The Debate

The Witch Head Nebula

Rigel and IC-2118 the Witch Head Nebula believed to be an ancient supernova remnant


 Cosmic Witchery

The Realm of Fairy is a strange shadow land, lying just beyond the fields we know.......













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