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Cyberbullying and violent threats online are sadly becoming more of a social norm. And when a recent exchange on Facebook devolved into a public ganging up and death threats made against a woman for expressing the desire to ask a question I was so troubled by the idea that people were finding this acceptable that I had to speak out.

The perpetrator in this case is a well known UFO experiencer and celebrity based currently out of the UK and a contributor to UFO and paranormal conferences. He has taken his public platform and used it to openly abuse a fellow female UFO researcher and bring shame to a topic that already suffers greatly in the public eye.

This audio essay focuses in on a UFO celebrity and a Scottish Paranormal convention, but I do provide some recent research into violent online encounters across social media.

Have a listen as I demonstrate the power words can have and why we should not look the other way when someone is being victimized online.


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Warning: extreme language and subject matter that might upset some listeners.

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